Like any new business, the hardest part is getting started. Having a successful career in real estate involves so much more than being able to scout properties, and the learning doesn’t stop after you’ve earned your real estate license.

So we’ve created a rigorous 5-Module training program which will last over a month to assist new or seasoned agents launch their business. Lasko Academy is a hybrid program taking place both in-person and online for those who prefer to work from home. Sessions will cycle and agents can hop into the program any time they’d like at no cost to Lasko Real Estate Agents. We understand most people have their own lives to live, so sessions will be held in the evening to accommodate those with busy schedules.

Lasko Academy will equip agents with the necessary tools and skills to use workflows to strengthen sales strategy, basic sales techniques, relevant industry trends; while also teaching agents to grow and scale their real estate business and other important topics such as leveraging social media, prospecting, marketing, and so much more!


Our Director of Operation handles many of the day-to-day tasks such as creating marketing material for agents to use, onboarding new agents, and troubleshooting any of the programs we use internally. Your job is to focus on building your business, we’ll do the rest. In addition, Lasko agents are at-the-ready to help new agents with whatever they need


We implement top notch technology within the company so that our agents can spend more time with clients and less time filing paperwork. Many of our programs can be integrated with other services such as the MLS or your work email. Some of these innovative technologies include:

  • DotLoop
  • FollowUp Boss
  • Individual property and agent websites
  • In-house virtual tours, professional photography, and digital media


Most of our marketing is done in-house and marketing materials we create are available to all agents. Some of the ways we help agents with their marketing include:

  • Social media setup
  • Custom websites and URLs for agents
  • Custom websites dedicated to individual listings
  • Business cards
  • Printed marketing material


With offices in various states, and an aggressive plan to expand, there are no limits to where this career will take you. Some of our current offices include:

  • Stamford, CT
  • Beacon Falls, CT
  • New Milford, CT
  • New York, NY
  • Miami, FL


All of our offices are designed as an open floor, collaborative work environment. It is our company policy that if a fellow agent reaches out to you for help, it is your duty to help them as best as you can so that we can continue to grow. Companies where agents charge or expect a fee to share their knowledge seem to do more harm than good. We’ve found that this is a much better approach to the alternative and increases confidence, knowledge, and overall company morale.


The beauty about our company is that many of our agents are also brokers. They will all make themselves available to help a fellow new agent in need because they understand what it was like to be in your shoes. Furthermore, our Director of Operation handles many of the day-to-day tasks so you can focus on building your business or brand.